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   Running Windows Updates to bring the Operating System to optimum efficiency
   and to provision an optimum hardware Driver Base.

When the re-imaging script has completed its task of installing the FamilySearch Centre Windows 10 Image to form the new operating system, and after Activation and Regionalising have been fulfilled, the next and essential task is to run Windows Updates, to bring the new operating system to a current and optimum level of service. Windows Updates mainly consist of System files, firmware and hardware drivers.

We must bear in mind that FamilySearch Centre computers are programmed in the background with certain policy values, which do affect the way Windows Updates are allowed into use. However, it is good practice to regularly check the availability of updates each week.

When you are on the Windows Updates page in Settings on a FamilySearch Centre computer, you may see updates ready to download or you may see a You're up to date notification. However, just below the Check for updates button, you will see a link: Check online for updates from Microsoft Updates. Clicking this link may invoke further downloads and simply show the You're up to date.

You may also see, under the Check for Updates button, a link to View optional updates as illustrated in the image below on the left. Clicking this link opens the page shown in the image on the right. Click the arrow on the left of the word Drivers. This will reveal a list of driver updates, which are usually the latest drivers for Motherboard hardware components and also Firmware updates. Tick the boxes of each offered update and then click the Download button below. These downloads will then become visible on the main Windows Updates page with the other regular download values.

You may have to restart the computer several times in the Windows Updates procedure. A Restart button will appear, which you have to click. Many optional downloads may appear, especially on a computer newly installed with Windows 10: only one option for download being indicated in the illustration below. Windows Updates should be regarded as a necessary task after re-imaging.

A simple Help Video is viewable by clicking the green button to the right.
This video shows basically how to access the Windows Updates page.