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  Notes on the current status of reimaging FSC computers

Reimaging is no longer a routine procedure for computers still running the Windows 7 OS

A major change of how FSC computers are upgraded has been put in place in recent times. For sometime the older computers (usually the 9030 and 7440 Dell models), which arrived in our FamilySearch Centres with the Windows 7 Operating System, could be “reimaged” with the Windows 10 Operating System, using an activation script to add a Windows Enterprise licence. This is no longer the case. These computers can now be “upgraded” to the Google Chrome OS Flex platform. To this end, instructions of how to acquire and install this new OS are provided in a new set of button links on the Home Page.

In some instances the later models of Dell FSC computers, starting with the 7450 model and the later models, which arrived in our FamilySearch Centres with the Windows 10 OS preinstalled, may need to be reimaged to repair them. If this is a predicament you have in your own FSC, please contact FamilySearch Support on, and describe the issue the computer in question has. State “FSC Reimaging Issue” in the Subject Field. The instructions accessed in the button links on how to re-image for Windows 10 remain much the same.