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   Regionalising a FamilySearch Centre Computer

When re-imaging a Windows 7 computer to Windows 10, an interactive page appears, requesting the choosing of the installation language.
The list of language options is limited and if there is no listed option for your particular language, you will need to install with the American default option and on completion of the installation use the Time & Language configuration tool found in Settings to install your language.

The available languages in FSC computer setup are as follows, but many languages are available for the Windows 10 Operating System and these can be added and used as required if not one of the available set.

English American (is the The default)
English UK, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Portugués, Русский Russian, 한국어 Korean, 日本語 Japanese, 繁體中文 - 國語 Chinese

The checks you need to make with the Time & Language Settings Tool are listed below, with accompanying instruction for each task.
Open Settings and then the Time & Language Tool.

  1. Look at the Date & Time setting for your computer and set to the appropriate DATE, TIME and TIME ZONE.
    • Temporarily TURN OFF the 1. Set the time automatically and the 2. Set the date and time manually options.
    • Now from the Time zone drop down list choose your Zone. (UTC + 00:00 Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London) is the time zone display in this instance for the UK.
    • Once your zone is set, turn the options 1 and 2 above back to on.
    • Turning on the Adjust for daylight saving time automatically option is recommended.
  2. Now in the left column select the Region option.
    • Choose your your Country or Region from the drop down list.
    • Similarly choose your Regional format.
    • Now choose your Windows Display language. There will not be a choice of Display Language if there is only one language set. Of necessity you may need to add your own language.
    • The Add a Language option is exampled in the help video (Click the Green button), using the Nederland or Dutch language and how to move the preference order of languages is exampled also. The help video covers all the items referred to in this page.
  3. Now at the top right click on Administrative language settings.
    • If the System Locale language is incorrect, choose your exact locale by clicking on the Change system locale button and use the given dropdown choice list.
  4. Speech
    • The last option of configuration is the one for Speech, in which you can make sure your language is the one set and if there is need set your Microphone and choose a Voice Package.