Example Patch Panel

BT Hub 5

2x Cisco 8 Port Managed Switches

The Patch Panel

The PANEL distributes the various Internet signals to all the Ethernet Sockets in the different areas of the Meeting House.

Rack type - 16 Port Network Switch
for the FamilySearch Centre

Meraki MX64 Firewall

The picture presented here examples an installation arrangement of 2 Cisco 8-Port Managed Switches. You will observe the grey Ethernet cable connects Port 1 (B) of the FSC Switch to Port 6 (A) of the upper or first Managed Switch.

Port 6 is no longer SPECIAL PURPOSE; it now functions with a PUBLIC IP address, allowing all FSC computers and printers to operate with a PUBLIC CONNECTION.

The FSC Switch can be connected to any PUBLIC PORT on the Managed Switch