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FamilySearch Centre computers and printers connect to the Internet using PUBLIC IP addresses

FamilySearch Centre printers only, will use a STATIC IP address from the range to 19. with .15 being the default for one printer.

  1. An IP Address is a unique reference, each and any computer has, to identify it on the World-Wide-Web.

  2. An IP Address can have one of two formats, which are IPv4 and IPv6. ( Internet Protocol Version)
    Examples could be for an IPv4 Address
    and fe80::5167:d626:dc67:3fb4%5 for an IPv6 Address.

  3. To determine a computer's IP Address, Look for the IP Address value in Settings. view a help video here.
         Click: Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Ethernet > Network

The reasons for this change of Internet connection type are as follows:

  1. Help secure the Church’s networks
  2. Free up many IP address ranges
  3. Simplify networks in meetinghouses
  4. Improve the stability of the Premium Websites Extension