Optimise your SSD (Solid State Drive) Drives or your (HDD Hard Disk Drive) Drives

Inbuilt, in the Windows 10 Operating System is a tool for Defragmenting or Optimising SSD Drives or HDD Drives.

  • Solid State means the drive has no mechanical parts.
  • Hard Disk means with a mechanically operated motor driven disk, read by a laser sensor.

The Defragment and Optimise Drives tool is found in the Programme’s list, in the Windows Administrative Tools Folder. It is a good recommendation to locate the given programme icon, in this folder and to right-click it and choose save a shortcut to the Start Menu, to provide handy access for running the tool.

On opening the Optimisation Tool, you will see a small dialogue window appear, which contains a list of all the drives on your computer. There is an option to turn on auto optimisation, which is recommended.

HDD Drives can be analysed to check what percentage of fragmentation a drive is currently at. As a general rule do not allow fragmentation above 5%.

SSD Drives, in the Windows 10 Operating System, will indicate in the Optimisation Tool dialogue window list, with the words ‘Needs Optimisation’, when this is their needful status. Simply select each SSD Drive you have in turn and click Optimise just below. The procedure if very quick.