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   The Installation procedure for Google Chrome OS Flex

Install The Chrome Flex Operating System

Please follow the link below to watch a help video of the procedure to install Google Chrome OS Flex.

Watch the installation procedureplus other useful configurations.

To support your understanding of this video example presentation, you need to be aware that the computer being used, a Dell 9030 model, was previously installed with Chrome OS Flex. To show how this computer was enrolled in a FamilySearch Centre it was necessary to "Reset" the OS using the Powerwash tool. Doing this enabled video capture of the enrollment procedure.

Prior to this enrollment sequence 3 key configurations are demonstrated in the BIOS or Settings window as follows:

Boot Sequence
Make sure the Radio Button for UEFI is dotted
Advanced Boot Options
UNTICK the Enable Legacy Option ROMs checkbox
System Configuration
SATA Operation: make sure the Radio Button for AHCI is dotted

if you want to consult a FamilySearch Support Agent, please contact FamilySearch Support at and in the subject line of your message type FSC Chrome OS Flex Installation. A Technical Support Agent will respond and assist you with your queries.