A Schematic example of Internet Connection for FSCs


A new PUBLIC IP address configuration has now been applied to all FamilySearch Centers. The Special Purpose 10.xxx IP address has gone. Our computers and printers now connect to the Internet using a PUBLIC 192.xxx IP address. This is a major change to the way our FamilySearch Centres connect to the Internet. The reasons for this change are as follows:

  1. Help secure the Church’s networks
  2. Free up many IP address ranges
  3. Simplify networks in meetinghouses
  4. Improve the stability of the Premium Websites Extension

The displayed schematic diagram of Internet connection will remain representative for the physical connections of Ethernet Cables. Public

The connection route is:

  1. The ROUTER or HUB TO PORT 5 or Meraki Firewall Internet Port
  2. Meraki Firewall PORT 1 TO PORT 9 of the Managed Switch.
  3. Managed Switch PORT 6* TO PORT 1 FSC Network Switch
  4. The remaining Ports of the FSC Network Switch connect via the Patch Panel and associated Ethernet Sockets to the Printer and FSC Computers.

*The longstanding default value of special purpose Port 6 will no longer be in effect and several other Ports may be used for FamilySearch Centre Internet connection, with most ports on the MANAGED SWITCH NOW PROVIDING A PUBLIC IP ADDRESS CONNECTION.

The socket numbers
are for example only.