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   Configuring the Chrome and Firefox Browsers in a FamilySearch computer,
   to offer standard access to the Portal and appropriate Family History research websites.

For our FamilySearch Centre computers it is usual practice to configure the Chrome and Firefox Browsers with 2 automatic Tabs, which are firstly the Portal Page and secondly the page.

The following statement defines what a Browser is:
“A computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying and navigating between web pages.”

It is also good practice to add Bookmarks to Chrome and Firefox, which are appropriate to your Centre, Country and Region.

Importantly! we must set the website as an Exception in Chrome and Firefox. In Chrome this is done in Site Settings, for Cookies and Popups. In Firefox this is done in Privacy & Security, in Manage Exceptions.

We must essentially make sure the Portal Extension is installed and working for both of these Browsers.

The Portal Extension Green or Grey disk needs to be made visible in the extensions bar to the right of the web address location bar.
To achieve this for Chrome click the extensions icon and then click the PIN icon to the right of the Portal Extension listed.
To achieve this for Firefox, click the Extension Icon and then the Settings Icon and choose Show in the Top Bar.

Help Videos are viewable by clicking the green buttons to the right.
These videos example the procedure for configuring the FamilySearch Centre Chrome and Firefox Browsers.
The Firefox video shows a struggle to invoke the Portal Extension to a working status,
with the solution of removing and reinstalling the Extension.


Example is given in the videos of how to update the browsers to the latest version. The Bookmark collections, exampled as imported HTML files, are examples of website collections from the UK Region. You can import collections in this way or simply build up the website links one by one.

N.B Firefox bookmarks are by default unchangeable as a basic set in a computer when first initialised for service. However, if you open the Support folder, in the C:\ drive, you will see the bookmarks.html file. Simply remove this file and you will then be able to build your own set of bespoke weblinks in the Firefox browser. You are recommended to contact FamilySearch Support at to make sure this configuration is performed correctly, including the words ‘FamilySearch Centre’ in your email subject line.